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Janette Hakewill

What do you do?
My number one priority is to make sure the club looks as good as it can throughout the day and into the evening. It can be pretty hectic with all the members we get on a daily basis and the various guests we have such as weddings, business events and golf days. I lead a team of 10 cleaners and between us we cover all areas of the club.

What do you love about the Club and working in leisure?
The atmosphere is great. It’s lovely to hear laughter coming from the Sports Bar – it gives me as great start to the day. I have met some fabulous characters. I like getting to know the members – they are always friendly and understanding.

When did you start?
June 2016.

A sentence about you?
I have a cat called Cooking Fat who I have had for 10 years. I have a grand-daughter who I nickname the Bat Out Of Hell – as she keeps me on my toes, running around after her!

Favourite leisure activities?
Art and crafts – my spare bedroom is my studio. I love to make Christmas decorations and decoupage vases and ornaments.

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