Coronavirus Update


We’re missing you!
Dear Member,

I hope that you are keeping well in the safety of your homes. As a team, we are in regular contact with each other, checking in from a ‘well-being’ point of view, as well as a ‘work’ point of view, with many being very busy behind the scenes. Rest assured, we are taking good care of the club both in administration and security.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the club, whether by renewing memberships, or simply by the kind words you have shared with us. We are also lucky to have a long-standing team, whose commitment is beyond that of ‘just a job’; it’s about the future of the club.

If you do want to renew your membership by paying your annual subscription now (on the basis of the closure time being added to next year’s membership, as explained by our Chairman last week) you are still able to do so by contacting our Front of House Manager, Sam,

For those who have renewed by the end of April, your Bring A Friend For Free credit will be postponed until we re-open – you won’t miss out on this!

Whilst we are facilitating the government support to retain those team members, unable to work while the club is closed, so they are ready to re-start work when we re-open, we also have a core team who are still working from home or on the golf course to keep the essentials ticking along. Therefore, we are always available via email or social media.

Please keep checking social media for posts from our team, which will also appear on the following website pages. Over the next couple of weeks, we will add ideas, tips, recipes and updates to help support you while we are apart.


Please also take full advantage of our free access to the Les Mills on demand classes – more classes coming today. There is everything from high intensity cardio classes to yoga based classes and even special, fun classes for children – we urge you to give these a go to help keep you moving and have some fun.

We would love to see what you’re up to – tag us in photos and videos of your cooking creations, your work-outs at home or practicing your serve or swing.

Whilst this wasn’t the way we had hoped to start our 125th anniversary year, we are determined to make sure we’re ready to get things moving as soon as we can resume business as usual.

Kindest regards,

Chris Jones
General Manager



I can’t believe that only five days have passed since I sent out my last update to the membership regarding the Covid-19 crisis – it seems like five weeks! At that stage we predicted that bars and restaurants would need to close and the government announcement followed on Friday, which we immediately adhered to.

On Saturday morning, members of the Board and Management met to discuss ongoing strategy, which at that stage was based on the current government guidelines of continuing to exercise responsibly and to be outdoors, all part of looking after our mental well-being. We planned how this could be safely introduced for both staff and members and I asked Chris Jones to send out the member update, which he did on Saturday evening. This involved a huge amount of work by our Management team and I am very grateful to them, as we should all be.

Yesterday heralded a distinct change in Government advice, with the emphasis changing to a “stay at home” policy and ensuring that everyone complied with the social distancing rules. As a result of this, the Board have decided to close all the Club facilities as of today, until further notice. My meeting this morning with other Directors and staff has put this in motion and our plans to keep open the golf course and other outdoor activities have been shelved. I think we would have been forced to close in any event, and we again feel we need to be ahead of the game, so we can help end this crisis as soon as possible.

I am sure lots of you will have queries about the future. Please send these through in the normal way, but please bear with us if the reply takes a little while. What I can assure everyone is that all subscriptions covering any period since our closure last Friday will be credited towards next year’s membership fees. Thank you so much to all those who are still paying, even today!

I am sorry that we have to close, but I can assure you we will re-open in good shape as soon as possible, and we will continue to look after our loyal staff as best we can. After all their hard work, it is a shame that a few members have criticised our Management team, and I need to remind you all that it is the Board that makes the strategic decisions for the Club and the staff should not have to suffer for having to deal with the often difficult task of implementing those decisions.

Further updates will be sent as often as possible and I hope you all keep safe and well.

Kind regards.

Will Gannon.



Today has been a surreal day for the team at Exeter Golf and Country Club. Planning across departments is going on behind the scenes to achieve the best outcome for our staff and members and will continue every step of the way. I am so proud that the team is pulling together so admirably, in this crisis.

Now the dust has settled following the Prime Minister’s announcement, we are pleased to advise that we are able to open some external areas of the club at present.


Whilst the club (main building, including toilets) itself is closed, the Winter Mixed Better Ball competition is going ahead. The Pro Shop will be open from 8am to 6pm – however there is now a strict ONE IN, ONE OUT policy. This was not adhered to today by golfers despite the Pro Shop’s best attempts – PLEASE adhere to this, otherwise you will not be welcome in the shop or on the course. We have deployed lifeguards to the golf course to ensure this competition can take place – they will be present from 8am to 4pm to provide any necessary first aid cover.


The club is closed, however the golf course will be open for golf members.

Our senior team will be on site during the day with the sole purpose of planning. The team will be implementing logistics to enable external sports areas to open whilst the entire interior of the club remains closed.

We are hoping to install temporary toilet and hand washing facilities by the white gates in the car park to enable members to use the outdoor pool, tennis courts and golf course.


Golf – 8am – 6pm
Only one customer at any time in the Pro Shop
Golf course maintained as normal
Open for members and their guests only
Topsham Golf Academy is closed
Distance rules apply as per previous instructions

Tennis – courts 3 to 6, open from 8am – 6pm

Outdoor Pool – lane swimming, open 8am – 6pm
Access through the white gates
Lifeguards on duty
Maximum of 6 people in the pool at any one time
Maximum of 30 minutes use per member – please be patient if you have to wait

Gym – outdoor fitness classes, 10am, 12pm and 3pm
45 minute classes – no equipment needed
Location: tennis courts 1 and 2 – access the courts by walking past the back of the Sports Bar

Events Team – the office will be open from 8am – 4pm
Direct dial is 01392 873328, email

Reception – open 8am – 6pm, seven days a week
Telephone and email enquiries only. Club doors will be closed and locked.
The reception will not accept visits or enquiries in person.

Food & Beverage – takeaway menu from 8am – 5pm
A small selection of takeaway hot and cold food and beverages will be available from the door area of the Sports Bar. People will not be permitted to enter the bar and tables have been removed from the patio to discourage sitting and gathering. Card payments only please.

Obviously, these plans could change in response to further updates from the Government. As always we will react to those and advise accordingly of how we will move forward again.

Thank you for your ongoing support, which we are all grateful for.

Keep healthy, safe and active.

Chris Jones
General Manager



It is with heavy hearts that we are closing the doors this evening, knowing they will remain that way for the time being, following the announcement by the Prime Minister this afternoon.

These are unprecedented times, but we are a unique and special organisation with our people; members and staff, truly at its heart.

The entire team would like to thank every single member who has demonstrated their confidence in us and love for the club, by renewing their membership for another year – and as promised the period of closure will be added to those memberships at the end of March 2021.

We are pleased to be able to support the team due to your help, preserving their experience of the club as many have considerable longevity of service, spanning up to 40 years. Where possible, team members will be deployed into a contingency plan of maintenance works whilst the club is closed.

The golf course will remain open until tomorrow – Darren Everett will email golf members specifically with more detail.

We will ensure you are updated regularly during this period of closure, via email and social media – please take this opportunity to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, if you are not already.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Exeter Golf and Country Club. We wish you and your families good health and look forward to seeing all your familiar faces again very soon.

Chris Jones
General Manager



Following on from our fitness update earlier, we have a few more changes to make regarding club closing times, group coaching, fitness classes and swimming lessons.

Club closing time

It’s great to see members coming to the club for sports and fitness, however we have noticed that the vast majority are visiting during the day or early evening. Therefore, we have decided to close the club at 8pm until the situation changes further.

Tennis and Squash Group Coaching

All group coaching will be postponed from Saturday 21st March (including sessions on this day), until further notice. This includes all adult and junior sessions. There are a few exceptions for small groups for the last session of term next week. If this applies to you then your coach will be in touch.

For tennis lessons, credit will be given towards the new term for any missed sessions. Information about the new term will be sent out in due course.

Individual lessons will carry on as normal for now. If for any reason you cannot make your session then please contact your coach directly. Please keep an eye out for a full update regarding the tennis, squash and racketball sections which will be sent out this evening.

Swimming lessons

The current course of swimming lessons will finish a week earlier than planned, so the last lesson in this course will be on Sunday 22nd March.

We will credit all of next weeks’ lessons (w/c Monday 23rd March) onto the next course for those continuing their memberships. If you decide to stop your membership, we will refund you for next week’s cancelled lesson(s) when the new course of lessons start. Sorry, but if you have missed a lesson this past week, that will not be credited or refunded.

Priority booking for the new course of lessons is open now. Whilst we don’t currently have a start date for this new course, we will contact you a few weeks beforehand so you can confirm before booking opens to other members.

We recommend you check or re-book your slot now to guarantee your place, but also to benefit from the priority booking discount.

If you have already paid for the next course, your place is safe and we will contact you to confirm the date, as stated above.

Golf coaching

Individual lessons will continue as normal with safety guidelines in place.

All group coaching courses are postponed until further notice. We will advise when these will recommence as soon as we can.

On course playing lessons: The Pro Shop is offering a 4 hole playing lesson on the course, up to 3 people, for £50. The lesson will cover course management, club selection, recovery shots, sloping lies and a general game assessment. Anybody booking this offer will automatically go into a draw for one of the new Scotty Cameron Select Putters worth £349!

Contact the Pro Shop

Group exercise classes

To adhere to restrictions set by the government regarding groups, we have decided to stop running classes from Monday 23rd March until further notice.

Please keep active using the gym, the free Les Mills classes website sent earlier, the classes videos to follow soon, and joining our club on Strava for running – or walking!

We look forward to starting the classes again as soon as possible – in our newly redecorated studio and our new Spin Studio – with more classes than ever.



THANK YOU to everyone who has renewed their membership so far. Our team continues to work to keep the club open, while also preparing for the alternative, to keep moving our club forward behind the scenes – especially in this, our 125th anniversary year.

Staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy.

If you can’t make it to our club right now due to the Coronavirus, we have some free and easy to access options to help keep you active and working out at home. Whilst classes are usually only free for Fitness Members, we want ALL our members to try and stay as active as possible during the coming weeks – and we hope this will help.

If you’re a runner – or thinking about taking it up – join our Strava club to help motivate each other while recording your runs. Who cares about speed or distance, it’s keeping active that counts for your physical and mental health!

JOIN THE STRAVA CLUB – Club name: Exeter Golf and Country Club

Over the next few days and weeks, we will be emailing links to videos of our top fitness and yoga classes, taken by our very own Fitness Team and class instructors.
Keep checking your email for these videos which will include LBT, HIIT, HBK, Ab Blast, Dynamic Resistance, Spin, CXWORX and Family Circuits (for the garden!).

The fitness gurus at Les Mills have provided access to their free streaming website offering 95 workouts including BodyPump, BodyCombat, GRIT, BodyBalance, Sh’Bam, CXWORX, Barre and more…
This is a fantastic resource for our members and we’re grateful to Les Mills for providing it to share with you free of charge, for as long as the disruption from Coronavirus continues.
You can stream the workouts via iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, XBoxOne and Roku.

Please let us know if you have any questions or any feedback about the workouts.
Contact Reception or the Fitness Team with any questions.



Important update from the Chairman

I am sure you have all welcomed the regular updates that our Management team have been circulating in respect of Covid-19, and I can assure you that we are all working extremely hard to keep our facilities open for as long as possible during these worrying and unprecedented times.

Our current thinking is that whilst the bars and restaurant may need to close at some stage, and organised sporting activities are already being cancelled, we are determined to keep the golf course and the Academy fully open, as well as the pool, the gym and the tennis/squash courts, so as to allow us all to get some exercise (and a bit of fun!) whilst adhering to the Government guidelines in terms of keeping us safe. This strategy will also allow us to keep as many of our staff as possible in full time employment.

I am extremely grateful to all those Members who have already renewed their subscriptions, as this is a Members’ Club and we all have a vested interest in ensuring that Exeter Golf and Country Club survives, not just for us, but for future generations.

For those of you who have not yet renewed, please do so if at all possible, but rest assured that if we do have to close completely for any significant period, we will not charge any of our members during this time. So, for example, if we have to close for three months, your membership fee and levy will cover a 15 month period. Similarly, if members are advised to self-isolate on the basis of health or age, this system will also apply for the period they are not able to use the facilities.

Please support the Club and renew your subscription if at all possible, as this will strengthen our overall financial position and also allow us to do our best to support our hard working staff.

Many thanks, in advance, and further regular updates will be circulated by Chris Jones and his team.



Here are some important changes we are making to keep our staff, members and guests as safe as possible – these will come into effect on WEDNESDAY 18th MARCH.

General Info

Card payments only – sorry but we will no longer accept cash anywhere in the club. You can pay via your member card or via contactless on debit or credit card or Apple Pay.

Bridge club has postponed until further notice.


a) Please stand behind the line marker on the floor while speaking to Reception. We want to discourage people from leaning across the desk and children from climbing on the desk by requesting that people maintain this distance while interacting with the team.

b) No class tokens will be used. Please still check in at Reception and then proceed to your class.

Members Bars and Restaurant – public health organisations agree that there is no evidence that COVID 19 can be transmitted via food. We can assure you that our kitchen teams ALWAYS maintain the highest level of hygiene requirements regarding food handling and preparation. The Bar and Waiting Team are also committed to frequent hand washing and hand sanitising regarding the preparation of drinks and serving bars and tables.

a) Menus – all menus have been removed from the Hub and Sports Bar and will be displayed at the bar instead – or you can download it to your phone here. In Wear Park, it will be given to you on arrival and then disposed of.

b) Tables – we are removing some tables to create more distance between tables in all eating areas.

c) Newspapers and magazines – will no longer be available in the Sports Bar. Please use the Free Wifi instead to access online news and reading material.

d) Remote controls – will be kept behind the bars for staff to access.

e) Cutlery – will be given to customers on ordering food at the bar – they will be wrapped in a disposable paper napkin.

f) Condiments – during this time we will provide sachets of salt, pepper and sauces in the Sports Bar and Hub. In Wear Park, reusable items will be sanitised between use.

Swimming pools – The Pool Water Treatment and Advisory Group advise that it is generally safe to go swimming – the water and chlorine will help to kill the virus, however hygiene precautions are required before and after using the pools such as showering using soap.

Swimming lessons will continue as usual. The new course of lessons is bookable now however we will advise when they will commence in the coming weeks.

a) Steam room and sauna will be closed to avoid the reduced proximity these areas impose.

b) Jacuzzi – a maximum of two people can use the jacuzzi at any time. Please manage this individually so that the lifeguards can concentrate on watching the pools rather than ensuring this limit is maintained. Please also be mindful of others who may be waiting to use the Jacuzzi.

Golf course – the course and Topsham Golf Academy remains fully open however please check with the Pro Shop regarding specific competitions.

a) Rakes have been removed from bunkers. Please use your foot or a club to smooth over footprints made

b) Please leave the flag in the hole at all times. Putts within a putters length are conceded with a shot added on to your score

c) Bins and ball washers have been decommissioned

d) Only pick up your own ball

e) Do not share equipment

f) Keep your distance – 2 metres apart

Gym and Fitness Classes – the gym and classes will remain open as usual. At present all classes except Pilates with Tessa are still running.

a) The Gym Team are repeatedly cleaning equipment throughout the day. Please use the spray and wipes to wipe equipment including screens, handles, weights and mats.

b) Please DO NOT USE personal towels to clean equipment – you must use sanitiser provided and remember to use the hand sanitiser regularly throughout your session.

c) Please bring your own mats wherever possible – for instance yoga mats.

d) Please wash your hands thoroughly BEFORE AND AFTER using the gym or a class.

e) The Les Mills Launch Day has been postponed and will now take place later, hopefully towards the summer. More information will be sent to those who have already registered.

f)  Home work-outs – the Gym Team are creating a series of Personal Training and Classes videos for home workouts, should you find yourself unable to visit the club. These will be distributed to members via email. Please ask if you would like specific information – email

f)  Les Mills classes – as members you will have access to free classes you can do at home – a link for this will follow tomorrow.


a) Racket hire will be suspended until further notice.

b) James and Mike will keep you informed via email about whether events will be cancelled or postponed.

c) Codes to enter tennis courts and squash courts will not be required at this time.

Wear Park Spa


a) Hand sanitiser will be used by Spa Therapists and on clients before any treatment.

b) Clients must read, check and sign the declaration form before any treatment can take place.

c) Usual cancellation procedures remain in place. Please ensure you cancel your treatment with at least 24 hours notice, if needs must.

d) Sorry, but we have removed magazines from the spa – and ask that you arrive in time for your appointment and leave straight after to limit time in the relaxation area.

Please keep checking your emails as we will continue to update you regularly on any changes we’re making. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. 



Given the growing emergence of COVID-19 in the UK, we want to keep you up to date with the procedures we have in place to help look after our staff, members and guests.

We have a risk assessment in place which our team members are aware of and we are committed to adhering to protocols advised by the UK Government and the World Health Organisation.

Our team are fully aware of their responsibilities in ensuring the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained throughout all the areas of the club, using sanitising products wherever possible – however we need your help with this.

As with our team members, if you have returned from an affected country or have family who have, please avoid using the club for the suggested two week timescale.

We would appreciate you also taking this action should you or your family experience cold or flu like symptoms.

Within the club we ask that you use the hand-washing facilities and the hand sanitisers placed around the club.

This is especially important when using facilities with communal items such as condiments and tables in the bars, gym equipment and gym mats, lockers and of course toilet areas. Please ensure you shower thoroughly before using the pools.

Please also use tissues, disposing of them into a bin (not recycling please!) as soon as possible. Please do not leave dirty tissues for others to pick up.

It is vital that we all adhere to these individual and collective responsibilities to protect each other and continue using the sports, fitness, spa and restaurant facilities we enjoy.

If you have an event booked, please speak to our  Events Team if you have any concerns. Events are going ahead as planned, with the tight hygiene levels in place – which we expect your guests to also adhere to.

Ultimately, we are all individually responsible for limiting our impact on others during this episode – which we all hope will be as short as possible so we can continue ‘business as usual’.

Stay informed and follow the advice given by health care providers.

Thank you for your support.

More information about the virus and the measures we have in place:


Hygiene aware:

Wash your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand wash, or wash with soap and water.

Use hand sanitisers which we have installed round the club

Clean facilities and equipment –  our team members will ensure the facilities and equipment are cleaned throughout the day however it is vital that those using it also help with this for instance using cleaning spray after use of gym equipment and mats.

Maintain social distancing – maintain at least 2 metres (7 feet distance) between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Avoid physical contact with other people, e.g. shaking hands.

Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, mouth and nose.

Use tissues and dispose of them quickly – practice respiratory hygiene. Use tissues when sneezing or coughing.  Dispose of the tissue in a bin as soon as possible.  Do not place a used tissue back in your pocket.  Wash hands with soap, or apply alcohol based hand wash.

Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands.  If no tissue is available, cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Stay informed and follow the advice given by health care providers.


Travel aware:

The UK Government website page provides guidance for travellers returning from Category 1 & Category 2 countries/areas, including whether self-isolation is necessary. This guidance is likely to change daily so regularly check this website, especially before you visit the club.


Symptom aware:

The symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu.

a cough

a high temperature

shortness of breath

Note that having these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have the illness.

People with confirmed Coronavirus will need to stay in isolation away from other people until recovered.


Government guidance

The UK Government, NHS, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) provide useful up to date information on the Coronavirus.

The company will continue to monitor these websites, but it is recommended that staff also regularly visit these websites:


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Visitors Click to book through Intelligent Golf
Open Competitions Click to book your tee time