Lee Cooke

Specialising in weight loss and endurance events, Lee has a military background and a wealth of experience in motivating the unmotivated! Having recently completed a number of marathons, plus an ultra marathon, Lee is our resident running expert.

As the Fitness Manager Lee takes his role seriously. You can often see him speaking to members around the club, about their training, fitness or getting feedback on classes and the gym itself. He wants the best for you and your fitness and a quick chat with him may help decide which of his personal training team would suit you best.

If you train with Lee, you will get an honest approach. His professional training as a PT and Life-skill Coach, creates an approach that will keep you motivated in and out of the gym, on and off of the field, whilst training or in your other daily roles.

Lee can teach you strategies to help push you through pain, physical endurance and total exhaustion such as you may experience in a military combat role or a long-distance event. Lee will help you chose a new way of looking at exercise and what you can achieve.



Personal Training Level 3 Reps
Fitness Instructor
Gym Based Boxing
Boxercise Instructor
Studio Spinning
Freestyle Training
Sports Nutrition
Sports Coach in various sports
Circuit Training
Med Ball Workout
Training for Military Fitness tests


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