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With the golf course closed, it’s easy to worry about losing your form, technique and fitness for golf.

The Professional Golf Team have created a series of videos sharing some of their top golf coaching tips and techniques for you to practice at home or when you are back on the course.

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Golf Coaching Video – Control the Face

with Chris Honeywill and Darren Everett

Short putts are the nemesis of many amateur golfers. So many shots are lost within 6 feet of the hole. Learn to hole out more often with this simple tip from the professional team. Ideal to practice from home.

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Video 2/15
Golf Coaching Video – Bunker Shots

with David Cochayne and Darren Everett

We all marvel at how good the tour pros are at playing out of bunkers. You only get that good through practice. Follow some key points and the days of leaving your ball in the bunker will be left far behind.

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Video 3/15
Golf Coaching Video – Body Rotation

with Ryan Pope and Darren Everett

A big key to consistent ball striking and increased distance is being able to rotate correctly in the golf swing. Dominating the swing with too much arm action can lead to erratic results and a loss of distance. Get those big muscles involved and see the benefit.

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Video 4/15
Golf Coaching Video – How to spin the ball
with David Cockayne and Darren Everett

Ever wondered how the players on the tours spin the ball on the greens? It comes down to many factors including, clean and sharp groves, good strike, the type of golf ball and maintain speed through impact. Some players will always control these factors better than others but all golfers can find a benefit of controlling their golf ball.

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Video 5/15
Golf Coaching Video – Hybrid v long iron
with Chris Honeywill and Darren Everett

Ensuring you have the correct clubs in your bag is crucial to play your best golf. Long iron v hybrid is a question we often get asked. It depends on a few varying things such as how high or low you hit the ball and also the type of course you play.

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Video 6/15
Golf Coaching Video – Posture
with David Cockayne and Darren Everett

Maintaining posture throughout the swing is key if you are looking to deliver the club consistently back to the ball with maximum power. A loss of posture through the swing will only make the task of hitting goods shots even harder than it already is. Learn to maintain your posture and enjoy more consistency.

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