Bunker shots

Nov 11, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

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We all marvel at how good the tour pros are at playing out of bunkers. You only get that good through practice. Follow some key points and the days of leaving your ball in the bunker will be left far behind.

Guaranteed that if you ask most amateur golfers which part of the game they fear the most, then bunker shots is right up there at the top.

The fact that it is the only shot you play where you are not trying to hit the ball first.

Taking a cushion of sand with your strike and letting the ball ride out on top, is the key to more consistent results from bunkers. If you want to see that ball come out and land on the green more often, there are key steps to take:

Remain very positive with these shots.
Keep the club moving with speed,
Keep the loft on the club

Bunker shots are definitely a part of the game which needs practice and confidence.

Watch the video with Darren and Dave for their tips to bunker success.

For more help with your bunker play then please contact the professional team.

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