Burns Night Recipe

Jan 20, 2021 | Jenni Ashford

Burns Night: Monday 25th January 2021

Whether you usually celebrate Burn’s Night or you’re just looking for a reason to make an evening extra-special with a tasty dinner and a tot of whisky, here’s a Scottish recipe from Wear Park Restaurant, Head Chef, Adam Little.

Venison loin with haggis crust

A decadent and comforting dish, served with mashed neeps and tatties and a rosemary, redcurrant sauce.

Serves 4

800g venison loin
2tsp vegetable oil
25g panko breadcrumbs
100g haggis
Chopped flat leaf parsley
2tbsp Dijon mustard
30g butter


500g swede
500g potatoes (Maris Piper)
Sea salt
Ground white pepper
100g butter unsalted


400ml beef stock
75ml port
1 sprig of rosemary
2sp redcurrant jelly
100ml red wine



Pulse the breadcrumbs and haggis in a food processor to a crumb add the parsley and season with salt.

Heat a thick based pan and add the oil until almost smoking.

Season the venison loin with sea salt and rub in.

Place the venison into the pan and sear for approx. 2 minutes, until the meat is golden brown. Remove it from the pan.

Brush the venison with Dijon mustard, then spread the haggis crumb over the top, don’t press it down leave it loose and crumbly.

Cut the potatoes into large pieces and steam until soft. Allow to steam dry as this will prevent the mash being too wet. Push the potatoes through a drum sieve add 50g of butter and season, add a little cream if they are too dry.

Peel and dice the swede in to bite size pieces, place into a pan of boiling water add a pinch of salt and cook until soft, allow to team dry before mashing. Once dry add 50g butter, salt, and mash with a fork, you want this to have a rustic texture.

Put the port and red wine into a pan and reduce until a glaze (this should look like a syrup with little liquor left), add the redcurrant jelly, rosemary and beef stock reduce until a sauce consistency.

Roast the venison in a pre-heated oven at 180c:
20 minutes for medium rare or 25 minutes for medium – depending on the thickness of the loin.

Once cooked allow to rest for the same amount of cooking time (20 mins cooking, 20 mins rest)

Slice the venison into 2cm slices, plate with the neeps and tatties, add the redcurrant and rosemary sauce.


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