Elemis Biotec Facial – Blemish Control

May 10, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

All Elemis facials are effective and relaxing with results you can see, however for those times your skin needs that ‘extra something’, the highly acclaimed Biotec facials are the absolute go-to.

Biotec facials are turbo-charged. Biotec facials combine revolutionary technology with highly potent pioneering products to create a range of facials to combat popular skin concerns.

Choose from Line Eraser, Skin Resurfacer, Firm-A-Lift, Radiance Renew and Blemish Control.


Introducing the
Biotec Blemish Control Facial

Elemis Biotec Blemish Control Facial detoxifies and rebalances the skin to combat inflamed, damaged or blemish / acne prone skin.

As with all Biotec facials, the Blemish Control facial starts with a double cleanse. First using the Elemis Lime Blossom Cleanser, followed by the Biotec Energising Cleanser, the skin is prepared to maximise the results of the treatments to follow.

After warm mitts and lime essence is applied to the skin,  the Elemis Lavender Toner is applied.

The Biotec technology starts with the Ultrasonic peeling which uses high-frequency vibration to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the outer layer of skin. Covering the entire face and neck, the Ultrasonic adaptor reveals brighter looking skin, while the application of Elemis Lavender Toner maintains skin balance.

Warm mitts and extraction treatment can follow when required, otherwise the Spa Therapist moves to the next stage of the facial, starting with the application of Elemis Anti-Blemish Activator containing powerful anti-oxidants and inflammation-reducing Iris.

The Biotec Light Therapy is then applied, using red or blue light. The red light is to reenergise the skin and the blue light provides anti-bacterial support.

An Elemis Hydra Active Gel Mask is then applied to soothe and calm the skin. Biotec Galvanic technology is then applied using negative and positive ions to push active products deeper in to the skin – the combination of which invigorates and refreshes the skin for lasting results. When the mask is removed the active products are then pushed into the skin by hand ensuring maximum results.

To round off the facial, Elemis Pro Collagen Advance Eye Treatment is applied with more Anti Blemish Activator on the face and neck. The Biotec Energising Combination Day Cream is applied with the Elemis Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm to finish.



Damaged skin
Dull skin

Deep cleanses and detoxifies the skin
Repairs damaged tissue and heals scarring
Reduces inflammation
Rebalances oil production
Restores vital moisture levels


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