An ESPA Facial – The Perfect January Pick-Me-Up

Jan 25, 2017 | Jenni Ashford

Those of you who have endured or enjoyed a ‘dry January’ (depending on your perspective!) will probably notice the benefits of brighter looking skin. Whether you’re desperate for a ‘fun February’ and ready to party or you’re just feeling the effects of this cold weather on top of last month’s festivities, I want to share my recent experience of an ESPA facial and how to get glowing skin even on dull winter days.

Fresh-looking skin: I can’t get away from it – exercise definitely helps. Energised body = increased circulation – invigorated skin.

However, if like me, you need a kick up the behind to get moving perhaps a more sedate approach is for you? Hmm…running or relaxing…sweating or soothing? Yep…take me to the spa every time.

Although I spend most of my waking hours managing Wear Park Spa (it’s multiple award-winning, don’t you know?), sometimes I want to experience the treatments as a client and really switch off. I have worked with many products during my 14 years in spas and beauty salons and I can say hand-on-heart,  ESPA facials are the best. I promise, I am not biased. I have worked with Elemis, Decleor and many more but ESPA facials are by far the most effective, the most luxurious and have the longest-lasting benefits.

I decided to go for the Skin Radiance Facial as I wanted my skin to have an honest dewy-freshness without piling on primer, foundation, bronzer and blush! The ESPA Skin Radiance Facial is a 55 minute treatment that instantly refreshes tired skin, leaving a noticeably brighter and more radiant complexion. This is definitely what I needed.

After I take a seat in the relaxation room and recline onto the chaise-longue style sofa, a herbal tea in hand, I find myself gazing out the window. It’s only when I see the view from the client’s point of view that I really appreciate how lucky we are to have a spa on the first floor, rather than buried in a basement. The sky, the Monterary Pine trees and the golf course. What a view.

The moment I have been waiting for beckons…’me time’. The treatment room shares the outlook of the relaxation room. With rooms on both sides of the building, all our spa rooms are light, airy and have spectacular views through the Georgian shuttered windows. For facials, body treatments and massage though, we always close the shutters and shut the world outside.

Our spa beds are big. They are also electric so we can lower them for people to climb on and can be manoeuvred for the optimum treatment position. What a delight it is to get under the towel and experience a heated bed. It is like a cocoon. The heated bed means instant relaxation. Our clients love it. Now I can truly see why.

My therapist carried out a sensory test to ensure my facial was tailored exactly the to needs of my skin. Following an initial facial cleanse and make-up removal, the ESPA SkinVision lamp was shone against my skin to show up problem zones, excess oil or dehydration. It’s these processes that ensure ESPA’s bespoke facials are so effective.

All ESPA facials include a double cleanse to guarantee clean and receptive skin. The comfortable but oh-so-thorough exfoliation followed. The ESPA Skin Refiner is superb. It smooths, refines and removes old skin cells. My favourite part of the treatment followed. The facial massage using ESPA’s pure face oils, created from the finest, pure botanical and aromatherapy ingredients. With a shoulder and neck massage included it was complete bliss.  A radiance skin mask was applied to re-hydrate and stimulate the skin for an extra boost. While it worked its magic, my therapist worked wonders on my scalp massaging away any last remnants of tension…I was gone. Zzzzzs.

The mask removed, a spritz of toner, the ESPA super indulgent Skin Radiance Facial Serum, an intensive eye cream, anti-ageing moisturiser and the ultra-nourishing lip balm, and I was swept away to ESPA heaven. Finally, the irresistible ESPA Tri Body Serum was swept along my arms and a hot foot cleanse applied to gently revive the senses. The subtle chime of the bells marked the end of the treatment. I felt totally amazing – floating on air.

My skin is glowing and I feel like I’m ready for 2017. Now my skin is looking it’s best, it’s time to move onto the rest of my body…exercise beckons. But, before that, perhaps I will try our brand new ESPA Body Wrap or Salt Scrub treatments to sculpt and smooth my skin ready for the gym (you can even save 20% as an introductory offer in February)!

If you need a pick-me-up or want to indulge in some ‘me-time’, come and visit us in the spa and beat those winter blues by having a treatment.

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Look forward to seeing you soon,

Amber x

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