Exeter racketball team beats Fort Stamford

Oct 18, 2016 | Jenni Ashford

Exeter Golf and Country Club Ladies 1st Racketball Team sponsored by Nexus Open Systems travelled down to Fort Stamford for their first away league match on Monday 17th October. With only four players available they were under a little pressure to secure a win. Sue Gannon played Nicky Slight at number four, tight games throughout Sue won 3-1. Up next at three Sue Trewin took on Karen West, a solid performance resulted in a 3-0 to Exeter Golf and Country Club. Number two slot saw club captain, Debbie Goodwill play Kim Hewitt, strong play from Debbie meant another 3-0 win. Finally Vicky Viney went on at one to play Chris Conaghan. Focused on the win Vicky produced a great performance and 3-0 win. So overall an excellent 4-0 match win for the Exeter Golf and Country Club ladies team with 17-4 points for the scoreboard.

Next match is the 9th November at Newton Abbot when they will look to repeat this winning performance.

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