Club President presents £7,800 to Royal Marines Charity

Nov 28, 2017 | Jenni Ashford

The 2017 Club President of Exeter Golf and Country Club, Keith Bolden presented the Royal Marines Charity with a cheque for £7,800 following a year of fundraising.

On Friday 17th November, Keith attended The Passing Out of the Kings Squad at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre, Lympstone. Keith was accompanied by his wife, Shelia, Vice President Les Nicks and his wife Pat, Exeter Golf and Country Club’s General Manager, Chris Jones and Marketing Manager, Jenni Ashford.

After the prestigious presentation of the Green Berets to the Commandos and their parade, the party from Exeter Golf and Country Club enjoyed lunch in the Officer’s Mess with guests and VIPs. Colonel Mike Tanner, Commandant of Lympstone CTC, hosted the lunch and received the fundraising cheque on behalf of the Royal Marines Charity.

Keith gave a short speech explaining why he chose the Royal Marines Charity for his year as Club President and thanking club members and the team of staff for their support and donations.

Referring to a story dating almost 30 years, Keith explains why he wanted to support the Royal Marines, “In 1989, while organising a leadership module on a masters programme at the University of Exeter, I contacted Colonel Alan Hooper who was the Commandant at Lympstone CTC at the time. I wanted to find out more about the military model of leadership. Alan contributed to a number of courses and went on to establish the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University, after leaving the Royal Marines.

“I spent the next 10 years working with him and meeting many Royal Marines in the process. Along the way Alan met my son Richard who joined his staff and is now Professor of Leadership at University of The West of England.

“It was this connection that gave me an insight into the what it means to be a Royal Marine and the importance of their contribution to our country.”

Alan attended the Passing Out Parade and Keith’s presentation of the cheque to Colonel Tanner

Keith said, “It was an honour to present the cheque at this important event. It was particularly pertinent that Alan attended this with me as Colonel Tanner the current Commandant, was actually a Marine recruit reporting to Alan as Commandant back when we first met. It was a nice way to square the circle.”

Keith raised the money through a year of golfing and entertainment events.

Taken in the Officers Mess at the Commando training Centre Royal Marines
Taken in the Officers Mess at the Commando training Centre Royal Marines

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