New golf bell sponsored by the Harris-Deans family

Jun 28, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

With a history spanning 124 years, Exeter Golf and Country Club has had many Directors, but only one family can boast of a two generational legacy, now commemorated by a brass bell on hole 7 of the golf course.

Chris Harris-Deans came up with the idea to install a new bell on the 7th hole, when he noticed the old one had seen better days. He decided to sponsor the new bell on behalf of his family who have been members of the club since 1990.

As both Chris, and his father Patrick, served Exeter Golf and Country Club as non-executive Board Directors for 14 years between them and the club having been an intrinsic part of the Harris-Deans family life for so many years, Chris dedicated the bell to the family name, as a symbol of this connection.

Patrick was a Director of the Board from 2005 until he passed away in 2008. Chris took over the reigns from his father in 2009 through to 2018 when he stepped down to concentrate on work commitments as a Director at Charles Stanley and Co. Ltd. in Exeter.

Chris and his family, along with his mother, Ann, continue to be very active members of the club, playing both golf and tennis. Chris has also played squash at the club, having visited even before they joined, when he played county squash as a teenager before moving to Devon in 1990.

Chris Jones, General Manager of Exeter Golf and Country Club said, “Thank you to Chris and the Harris-Deans family for their support of Exeter Golf and Country Club over the past three decades. Chris as a member and previously as a Director has always been involved in the club on so many levels, through his sports, expertise and influence on various Board projects and his popularity amongst members and staff – having even taken part in the club Rock Solid team back in 2014! Whilst the bell is there as a safety feature, it now also ornamentally, a feature we can all be proud of. It is a great way to honour this legacy at the end of his current period on the Board.”


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