Control the face

Nov 9, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

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Control The Face

with Chris Honeywill and Darren Everett

The frustration of missing short putts is a regular sight across every golf course in the world. A lack of putter face control is often the main reason. Although it is the putter head not returning square that leads to the miss, it is why the putter head is not square to the target that is the big key to improvement. There is a tendency to allow the body to move to much through impact as you try to flow the ball towards the hole.

As the head looks forward it causes the shoulders to move out of line and in turn makes it almost impossible to maintain a square putter face on a consistent basis. Putts can equally miss left and right of the hole at will. Yes you may get away with it sometimes but to see any cast improvement working on maintaining a steady head and body position though impact will see more putts drop and your scores lower.

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