Golf coaching – the pitch shot

Feb 19, 2021 | Jenni Ashford

Mastering the pitch shot will give you a great advantage when you are looking to maximise your scoring potential on the golf course.

By following some simple tips you can master the pitch shot and actually enjoy playing it rather than fearing it.  The most common fault we see is the tendency to try and scoop the ball in the air by using too much wrist action. Some key set up principles will help avoid this. Trusting the loft on the wedge you are using will also help.

Key set up principles

It is important in set up to ensure that the ball is played from a central position in the stance with the body weight favouring the front foot.

Through the swing, try to maintain the weight on the front foot and let the body control the movement rather than just the hands and arms.

By striking into the back of the ball at impact, the loft on the club will be responsible for elevating the ball over any obstacles and then on to the green.

Play a practice round using all your wedges to see the different flight and release patterns and add more options to your pitching game.

To summarise: by playing the ball in the centre of the stance, keeping the body weight favouring the front foot and trusting the loft on the club you will soon see the ball take off with a nice flight and soft landing.

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