Golf coaching – how to use the driver

Jan 7, 2021 | Jenni Ashford

Without doubt, if most golfers could put the ball in play more often from their tee shots, they would score better…it’s a simple as that.

Ask most amateurs which club they struggle to hit and the driver is the most popular answer. It may seem daunting due to the length of the club and the lack of loft on the club face, but by following some key principles, you can start hitting more fairways and make life a little easier on the golf course.

Driving the ball more consistently is high up on most players list of areas to improve. By knowing how to best deliver the driver head to golf ball, you will start to see better tee shots and of course in turn, lower scores.

With the lack of loft on the driver, it is really important that you try to hit up on the golf ball.

Tee the ball up a bit higher and try and pick that ball cleanly off the top of the tee.

Most amateurs have a tendency to hit down on the ball with driver causing all sorts of problems, including, excessive height on the shot, creating too much side spin and a lack of power which reduces the distance the ball travels.

Learn to hit up on the ball and watch your tee shots find more fairways and see your scores lower.

Golf Pro, David Cockayne and Director of Golf, Darren Everett explain more:

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