Golf Performance Programme & Talk

Nov 13, 2018 | Jenni Ashford


Fancy getting your hands on a few more golf trophies next year?

Book for the member talk, ‘Improve Your Golf – The Sky’s Your Limit’ on Wednesday 14th November to make sure you’re on that leader-board in 2019.

With Iain Crombie – golf specific Chiropractor, Alex Edwards – Personal Trainer, specialising in golf fitness, and Darren Everett – Director of Golf and Advanced PGA Professional, this member talk is an introduction to the new initiative at Exeter Golf and Country Club – Golf Performance Programme.

Simply put, we want to keep golfers playing golf for longer and, to help golfers improve their game with a new style holistic approach pulling together physical mechanics, fitness and coaching.


Wednesday 14th November, 6.30pm – 8.00pm in The Mews. Bar Open.



Golf Performance Programme


Winter: probably not the favourite season of golfers. Fewer hours of daylight and inclement weather can mean less time on the golf course. The new Golf Performance Programme at Exeter Golf and Country Club is ideal for these sorrowful winter months, to make sure your golfing prowess has reached new heights. ready for a 2019 debut like no other.

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The Team

Iain Crombie

Harbour Chiropractic, Topsham

There are many different types of golf swing, and many different body shapes. My job is to make sure that the body is moving in the most efficient way possible. All too often I see players who’s limited upper back movement, or poor core and hip strength means they are suffering from shoulder or lower back pain as a consequence of the way they swing the club. By using golf specific movement screens, such as those used by the Titleist Performance Institute, we are able to asses golfers movement in a way specific to their sport. Once we know how they move, we can work to correct the issues. Not only does this help prevent injury, but it can lead to enhanced performance on the course by increasing their swing efficiency.


The aim of the golf performance programme is to create a team around the golfer. Having golf, fitness and medical professionals all working together towards the same goal means the programme can be tailored to that individual and allow them to get the most out of their game.

Alex Edwards

Personal Training - specialising in golf fitness


Whether you are an avid, everyday golfer or just picking up a club for the first time, here are some important things to consider. Did you know there are several factors which can determine how well you will be able to swing before you ever touch a club? The key factor is your overall golf fitness level which consists of your strength, stamina and flexibility. A limitation in your flexibility (or tightness) may mean you cannot achieve the necessary range of motion and therefore a disruption in the swing occurs. Research has shown that having a balance of strength training, conditioning and flexibility can dramatically improve your golf game. Hand and wrist strength will improve your club control throughout the swing. Strong legs and a strong core give you the ability to maintain your posture throughout your swing. This will reduce your chances of having a poor swing and more importantly, help reduce the risk of pain or injury in your back. Your ability to finish your round, directly relates to how well conditioned you are. If you neglect the conditioning portion of your workout, it is difficult to finish strong and enjoy your entire round!

Darren Everett

Director of Golf - Advance PGA Professional

Golf fitness is certainly nothing new but is something now we have far better knowledge of and access to. All golfers have their own agenda for staying fit and healthy. For some, it as simple as trying to prolong their playing time. I for one would love to try and beat my age as a golf score at some time in my life. Perhaps when I am 70 I could shoot 69! I would love to do that, but I am only going to achieve that if I can stay fit and healthy. For other golfers it could be about recovery from injury. Modelling a technique around a players limitations is so important but understanding what or why those limitations are is equally important. When we are coaching it is much easier and more beneficial if we know why a golfer may be struggling to achieve certain golf swing positions or movements. Areas such as lack of shoulder rotation or the ability to transfer weight correctly could simply be down to the body not being in the condition to allow these movements. No amount of golf coaching will improve your game unless the body allows it.


By working with experts such as chiropractors and personal trainers, we can help all golfers achieve improved and sustained results, whatever those goals may be.

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