Perfecting your posture for golf

Nov 25, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

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How many times have you topped a golf ball and your playing partner turns to you and mutters “you lifted your head!”?

The reality is that this is not the case. There a few reasons for topping the ball and generally striking the ball inconsistently, but losing posture throughout the swing is probably the most common.

We often see a tendency for golfers to straighten out of posture through impact leading to the body lifting and the club not able to reach ground level, this inevitably causes the ball to be struck half way up rather than at the bottom of the ball.

This fault can also lead to poorly struck shots from the toe of the club leading to a lack of distance and increased dispersion.

It is hard enough to hit a solid golf shot from a flat stance if you lose posture, imagine how hard it is from a sloping lie often found on the golf course!

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