Exeter Golf and Country Club joins Grow Green

Feb 27, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

Exeter Golf and Country Club has pledged to ‘Grow Green’.

The new initiative recognises companies in the South West that are committed to environmentally-friendly practices and policies.

Grow Green companies must pledge the following ‘green’ promises:

Recycle waste where possible
Limit plastic consumption
Limit energy consumption and/or use renewable alternatives
Encourage and/or reward green commuting
Allow remote working where possible
Give local companies an opportunity to tender for business
Reducing paper use, more effective ways to work online
Reducing water consumption

Exeter Golf and Country Club has a long-standing commitment to being as ‘green’ as possible.

Since 2015 the company has been ‘zero to landfill’ but has introduced many other initiatives which aim to help on a local and global level. In 2018, a ban on plastic consumables was introduced so that plastic water and coffee cups were removed and affordable reusable alternatives offered instead. Straws, disposable cutlery and pool-side overshoes were also removed or replaced with biodegradable alternatives.

Energy and water usage is also on the agenda with over 85% of lighting having been replaced with LEDs, plus borehole water used for golf course irrigation and swimming pool top ups (after treatment!).

With 120 acres of green landscape surrounding the club in the heart of city, Exeter Golf and Country Club has always been protective of its wildlife. From a native tree replacement programme, to hedgerow management, bird box nesting scheme and an eco wall, wildlife is valued and encouraged throughout the year. Multiple new water features have been created on the golf course which attracts wider array of wildlife, especially birds.

Exeter Golf and Country Club is a leading member of Food and Drink Devon with a commitment to sourcing and using local and sustainable produce working with South West producers whenever possible.

The club doubled the number of bike racks available to encourage team members and guests to cycle.

Find out more Grow Green here

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