Health benefits of massage

Feb 11, 2021 | Jenni Ashford

Who doesn’t love a massage?

It’s not just about escapism and relaxation, you know, there are clinically proven health benefits to massage that improve your general well-being – giving you the perfect excuse to make it a regular gift to yourself or the perfect gift for a special occasion.

Here are our top 6 health benefits of massage.



Massage is proven to decrease levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which in turn also lowers blood pressure. By reducing cortisol and also increasing serotonin and dopamine, massage is a great way to alleviate anxiety, stress and depression.  Studies have shown that massage also increases levels of oxytocin – the love hormone – responsible for feelings of trust, affection, attachment and happiness.



Research has shown that massage can increase white blood cells, improving our immune system. A study found that the production of lymphocytes increases significantly after a 45 minute massage. Lymphocytes are one of the body’s main types of immune cells.



A 2012 study by Science Translational Medicine found that just 10 minutes of massage reduces inflammation which promotes muscle recovery.  Massage lowers levels of cytokines, which are molecules affecting inflammation, high levels of inflammation can be associated with conditions such as arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease and depression.



Muscle tissue functions more effectively when cells are healthy. Massage helps to keep muscle cells healthy by delivering oxygen and nutrients via an improved circulation of the blood.  More efficient functioning leads to the removal of waste products and may increase the absorption of excess fluids and reduce swelling in soft tissues.



Swedish massage or deep tissue massage can help alleviate pain such as chronic lower back pain. Studies show that after receiving one massage a week for 10 weeks, 1 out of 3 patients experienced lower levels of pain, compared to 1 in 25 who experienced ‘usual care’. By relaxing muscle tissue, massage therapy reduces muscular contractions and spasms, as well as reducing nerve compression.



Our Spa Therapists can confirm how often people fall asleep during a massage. It’s been proven that massage affects brain waves associated with deep sleep. Massage can boost serotonin levels by up to 28% – promoting feelings of calm, whilst the pressure of massage also triggers the release of melatonin which is the sleep inducing hormone.


If those health boosting reasons aren’t enough to treat yourself or someone special to a massage, consider the hour of pure peace you experience; cocooned from the world outside, the heated spa bed and warm aromatic oils calming your senses while you drift away to total tranquility. Surely, that’ll do it?

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