Long Iron v Hybrid

Nov 20, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

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Just in time for the Black Friday sales and Christmas shopping frenzy, here’s some enlightening advice from Director of Golf Darren Everett and PGA Golf Professional Chris Honeywill about the topic of ‘long iron v hybrid’.

One of the best club types to come to market in the past few years has been the hybrid.

This has really made a big difference to golfers of varying standards for its versatility and ease of use. Many golfers now are no longer carrying long irons in their bags and have replaced them with the easier to hit hybrid.

The design of a hybrid helps get the ball airborne with ease, as well as making it easier to hit shots out of rough, fairway bunkers and has even become a club to chip with!

With varying different lofts available we are able to fit a player with exactly what best suits their game.

There is a place still for long irons. Players who like a lower ball flight or prefer the look of an iron, will still have them in their set. For those that carry them but don’t use them then come and speak to the professional team about what a hybrid may do for your game.

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