Blood, sweat and tears – pushing the miles

Aug 19, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

It’s the halfway point for many of our runners training for Exeter’s Great West Run (and just the beginning for two new ones who have just joined the team).

With the miles ramping up and training intensifying, this has been a week of PBs and a few new experiences…some more pleasant than others.

A lesson learnt this week, for those reaching longer distances for the first time, has been the importance of protecting delicate areas of skin from chafing. The combination of sweat, rain and a 10 mile run is a sure-fire recipe for ‘runner’s nipple’ and Martyn’s running top took the brunt of it…as you can see on the photo. Cue mass purchase of Vaseline.

The horror of runner’s nipple didn’t put the rest of the runners off, and by the end of the week, four of the runners had ticked off important distance milestones.

Well done to Nick who ran his first ever half marathon distance along Exmouth coastline with regular trail-running PT, James – not the easiest 13 miles you could choose as your first – and at 5.30am on Saturday morning as well!

Martyn and Spa Manager, Amber ran almost 11 miles in the pouring rain – Martyn’s furthest until then was 8 miles. For Amber, it was a chance to remind her running legs of previous half marathons, before the arrival of her little girl two years ago.

Chris, General Manager managed a solid 8 miles – his longest run to date – running alongside James, plus part way with Nick and Zoe, who were tackling off a shorter speed run on the same day.

Gordon, despite only signing up two weeks ago is running on catch up – bagging a half, half marathon last weekend.

Strength and speed

With longer distances achieved, emphasis is shifting onto improving speed and strength.

Jenni, Martyn and Amber got out for their first hill sprint session on Monday evening, with guest trainer, Matt (Jenni’s husband). After a warm up climb from Bonhay Road to the second entrance to Exeter University, Matt treated them to a punishing session of 3 x 200m hill sprints with a walk downhill in between.

Elaine and Martyn then took on a flat interval session with James, sprinting 100m distances along the river.

6 week countdown plan

James and Nick have spent time with each runner this week, preparing the training plans for the next stage of the training, see more on the next post.

PT offer

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