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Mar 12, 2018 | Jenni Ashford

As with any sport, the future of golf lies with the investment made in young players. The development of junior golfers has always been a priority for Darren Everett, Head Golf Pro at Exeter Golf and Country Club and so he has launched a brand new initiative, the Junior Golf Scholarship Programme.

With over 20 years experience developing junior golfers and helping them to reach their golfing potential, Darren has selected four junior golfers for a unique coaching programme. The programme focuses on installing the key values that makes golf so unique, as well as technique and skills.

The scholarship provides individual coaching with Darren throughout 2018, at absolutely no cost. After an initial review, Darren will create a golf coaching programme tailored for each scholar based upon what is needed to move their golf development to the next level. The aim of the coaching is to reduce their handicaps and potentially get them playing for the county or further afield.

There will be individual lessons on all aspects of the game as well regular skills tests, gap testing, on-course-playing lessons and game assessments. Coaching will take place on the putting green, short game area, golf course and Darren’s unique coaching simulator studio, which is the most advanced indoor studio in the South West.

Darren will provide regular mentoring using his 22 years experience as a PGA Professional.

Darren first invited junior golfers to apply in January, by writing 100 words describing why they should be chosen. Darren selected the four scholars according to the passion for the sport, commitment already demonstrated to golf and their natural talent.

In return for the scholarships, each scholar has signed an agreement, counter-signed by a parent, which confirms their commitment to the expectations for the programme. If the agreement is not adhered to then the scholarship will be taken away.

Darren said, “The application’s were strong and it was very difficult to select just four but I spent a couple of weeks going backwards and forwards through the applicants before deciding on the lucky four. Each of the four scholars has already demonstrated an incredible passion for the game and a desire to improve and reach new levels. I feel very excited by the prospect of working with them through 2018 to see where their scholarship will take them.”


The Golf Scholars for 2018

Sophie Page – age 12 – handicap 22
Sophie has an outstanding natural talent for golf and is someone to watch out for in ladies’ golf. She has been playing golf for just 18 months but she is a quick learner and has an outstanding desire to improve her game.

Will Champion – age 12 – handicap 30
Having only been playing for 7 months, Will has already achieved a lot in a short time, having reduced his handicap from 54 to 30.

Jack Parry – age 13 – handicap 15
During the 15 months Jack has been playing golf, he has developed an obsession with the sport and now plays four times a week. He has made a remarkable reduction in his handicap and now plays off 15.

Jack Jeffery – age 16 – handicap 5
Jack has shown a massive commitment to golf since joining the club from Exminster a couple of years ago. He is well liked by other junior golfers and played for Devon u16s golf last year.


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