Golf coaching – lofted pitch shot

Feb 5, 2021 | Jenni Ashford

The lofted pitch shot should save you shots, not cost you shots! By trusting the loft on the club and striking through the back of the ball you will soon master a high flighted shot that lands soft on the green and close to the flag.

The lofted pitch shot can look a hard shot to play but if you follow some basic rules you can learn to love this shot and save shots on the course.

Use your most lofted club to play this high flighted shot, ideal for playing over obstacles or stopping the ball quickly.

Avoid leaning the shaft forward in set up as this will deloft the club and cause the leading edge to dig in creating a poor strike and a loss of height on the shot.

Keep the body turning through the ball for more control and trust the loft on the club to get the ball airborne.

Using the right type of wedge for your swing style is important. Matching the correct loft on club with the correct bounce will give you a better interaction with the turf and better contact and results.

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