Golf coaching – pace control

Jan 14, 2021 | Jenni Ashford

Pace control on putts from distance is key if you are to turn three putts into two putts and save shots on the greens. Length of stroke and pace of stroke are two key factors if this is to achieved. A longer and smoother stroke is more likely to give you success as opposed to a short and forced stroke.

Is there anything more frustrating than 3 putting? Apart from 4 putting then probably not! A lot of the time the 3 putting is caused by a lack of distance control. There are three elements that you could out this down to.

  1. Learning to produce a longer and smoother stroke which will provide a consistent pace to the stroke and in turn an improved control over the distance the ball travels
  2. How often do you actually practice your distance putting? Practice is not a few random putts before you play. An actual practice session working on drills etc?
  3. The type of ball you use can help massively with distance control on putting. It doesn’t really matter what ball it is as long as it is the same type of ball. If you randomly use a different type of ball each round then this will not help with distance control when putting as the ball will react off the putter head differently each round you play due to the different covers on the balls

By having some consistency to your putting practice you will undoubtedly start saving shots with the putter.

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