Pass On Plastic

Feb 12, 2018 | Jenni Ashford

Exeter Golf and Country Club has been ‘Zero to Landfill’ since 2015 and has made many changes in recent years as part of the club’s commitment to the environment. Now in a move to reduce plastic consumption at the club, the new #PassOnPlastic campaign starts from 1st March.


Pass On Plastic – be an Earth hero

From 1st March, plastic consumables will be reduced or removed across the club.

Water is key to good health but plastic cups and bottles aren’t good for the planet.  Water coolers are available in the Hub, gym, squash courts and by the entrance to the pools. Two new style coolers will replace those in the pool area and the Hub, featuring a water fountain and swan-neck tap for bottles. Plastic cups will no longer be available at any of the water coolers, so members will need to bring their own water bottles instead.

Plastic shoe covers for the pools will no longer be available so members are encouraged to bring flip flops if entering the pool area clothed.

All straws will be replaced with paper straws and will only be issued on request. Plastic stirrers are being replaced with wooden stirrers in the bars.

Smoothies and shakes will continue to be served in disposable cups, however they are 100% recyclable already.

Takeaway hot drink cups and lids are being replaced with new versions which are 100% biodegradable. Reusable coffee cups will be available to buy at the bars, or members can bring their own.


What else are we doing?

85% of lighting replaced with energy-saving LED light fittings to reduce electricity usage.
Eco-wall constructed from logs and pallets to encourage wildlife over the winter, creating bug hotels
Bird nesting boxes maintained throughout the golf course
Hedgerow management programme development with introduction of new water features including a natural stream
Leading member of Food and Drink Devon with a commitment to sourcing and using local and sustainable produce – provenance is key as we like to share where our ingredients come from

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

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