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Jul 19, 2018 | Jenni Ashford

Whether it’s Rory McIlroy being put through his paces in the gym with strengthening and conditioning routines or Miguel Angel Jimenez on the seniors tour undertaking yoga for flexibility and longevity of playing; there is no doubt that looking after the body is crucial to sustaining the playing years of all golfers and getting as much enjoyment as possible out of the game.

Specialised golf fitness programmes are now available at Exeter Golf and Country Club.

The newest recruit to the Fitness Team is golfer, Alex Edwards who is an experienced Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, following years playing professional cricket. Playing golf off a handicap of four, combined with his fitness experience, makes him the ideal choice for golfers looking to improve their game. Alex is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist – a treatment which will also be available at Exeter Golf and Country Club very soon.

Whether golfers aspire to lower their handicap, beat friends or win the odd competition, or simply enjoy a  well-played round of golf, an investment in physical ability will put them on the path to accomplish all of these.

Personal Training sessions can identify and focus on the physical requirements of the game and help build a smooth, efficient and repeatable swing. There are many ways in which a personalised fitness programme, created specifically for each golfer, can improve technique, stamina and range of movement.

As a multi-functional dynamic skill, the golf swing requires mobility, co-ordination, timing, dynamic stability, speed and core strength. The body’s ability to meet these physical requirements determines the amount and efficiency of a golfer’s practice and play.

Alex said, “Hitting solid shots requires a strong posture and a good range of movement to control a repeatable action. Physical conditioning is as important as golf coaching and choice of equipment when it comes to meeting the technical and mental aspects of golf. I have worked with many golfers as a Personal Trainer – both in the gym and on the golf course – and have seen the dramatic effect such specialised fitness programmes can have on how they play.”

Golf fitness enables golfers to improve their play and, importantly, prolong the years of enjoyment that golf can bring. With golf itself recognised in the Golf On Referral report, published this week, as a key way to improve the mental and physical well-being of inactive people at risk of chronic conditions, ensuring golfers remain fit for the sport is a sure-fire way to keep them actively involved for longer.

Darren Everett, Advanced PGA Golf Professional at Exeter Golf and Country Club, agrees with Alex, explaining how golf fitness is essential in progressing from a golf coaching point of view. Darren said, “Practicing the varying skills of playing golf is a given if you want to maximise performance at any of level of golf. It is equally important now to focus on the fitness and flexibility element of the golfer as well as their technique.”

The Golf On Referral study introduced participants to golf at the same time as incorporating group support. Researchers found that grip strength (a demonstration of vitality in older people) increased significantly – which indicates improvements in muscle strength.

By taking up golf, participants reported higher levels of happiness, they trebled the amount of vigorous exercise per week and reduced their blood pressure.

Alex can work with all levels of golfer, from beginners to those with a scratch handicap aiming for competitive success. His training programmes, for men and women, start with a fitness and golf assessment so that he can create a programme to suit individual needs and aims.

Book a ten minute chat with Alex to find out how Golf Personal Training could help you, or simply get started with a series of sessions. Golf PT sessions can be booked individually or as a course of 5 and get the 6th one free.

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Alex Edwards, Golf Personal Trainer

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