Pilates with Tania

May 19, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

Pilates offers so many physical benefits it can improve a whole host of conditions and also help to prevent injury. Tania Boddy, one of the Pilates instructors at Exeter Golf and Country Club, is offering online Pilates classes via Zoom during this period of lockdown. Tania’s style of Pilates is ideal for rehabilitation with slower, precise movements.

The benefits of Pilates

Improved alignment and posture
Core strength
Joint mobility
Long lean muscles
Stress and tension relief

Tania has practised Pilates since 2006 and is a qualified personal trainer specialising in corrective exercise. She also specialised in pre/post natal, balance, osteoporosis, lower back problems and shoulder injuries.


Class times

Each online class is for a maximum of 7 people and there are classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Individual classes may be available on request.

Classes are £5 per classes – payable in advance on booking.

Tuesday times: 10.00, 11.15, 17.15(full) 19.00(full)

Wednesday times: 10.00, 11.15, 17.15, 18.20(full)

Thursday times:  09.15, 17.30

Bookings can be made by contacting Tania:
07889978355 or ta250boddy@gmail.com
Any questions, just ask!

Health Form and Payment


Pre class instructions

Please read the message below carefully, thank you.



Download the Zoom app
Download Zoom

Tania says, “It is known to be fairly stable and used by others who do online teaching. You will need to have access to Zoom to join in and therefore need to sign up to the app or via the website.”

Book the class specifying day and time  via email or phone call – your attendance will be confirmed via email with details of how to attend the online session.

There will be a direct link or an ID number for the session which you can simply type in to join. Its very easy. Once you see me on your screen, just click the video button on the bottom left so you see your own camera come on. Thats it!


Here are the instructions from Tanya about what you will need to do before the classes:

Before the class is due to begin, please ensure the following:



Check that your wifi signal is strong and reliable enough for the session to work best for you. Bear in mind if your signal is poor, you might keep dropping out. If I drop out, I will panic, but try to find my way back as soon as possible.



You can use your phone, tablet or laptop computer for the session.



Turn your own volume up, lower it down of you encounter feedback or echo.



I can mute and un-mute you so if you have a question, you will need to wave at me!



Adjust your screensaver if using phone or tablet, to an hour or to never.



Connect your device to the mains or ensure sufficient battery life to complete the class.



Please place your mat, and yourself in alignment square to the room’s walls, not to the camera, to be able to use the walls as a guide for your movement, if you have space. I need to see you well and not the other way around necessarily, but do the best you can.



Position the camera slightly above and slightly angled, on a long diagonal or from the side to the the mat and far enough away for you to be seen entirely, but not too far that I cannot see some detail. Laptop computers can manoeuvre a little more easily, but you could use books, weights, tins from your kitchen cupboard or even a tripod if you have one, to help position your phone or tablet.



When you set up your position, ensure that there is light in front of/above you and not behind where you could disappear into darkness and hide from me!



Ensure that you will be not disturbed for the duration of class, create for yourself a quite environment.



Just make sure that whatever is around you is appropriate to be seen



Ensure that you have everything ready before we start i.e. your mat, towel, pillow. If anything is especially required I will advise in advance.



At present and due to the hopefully temporary nature of these online classes, payment will be made by BACS system. If this is an issue for you, please let me know and we can agree to another way. I have suggested a minimum £5 per class and that you pay for 4 at a time for ease and for compliance.



Bookings will be made via my email. It is my hope to keep you together as your existing group as some groups are very social, but there are already some changes to times and dates. As a group, we may change times as required.

However, there is much more flexibility with these classes: you could add a second class during the week; you could choose an alternate class by request if space allows, you pay for 4 classes, you’ll get 4 classes if I can arrange it! You could even organise a session by yourself or with your partner!

Health Form and Payment

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