A big day that’s worth the wait

Apr 16, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

Pre-wedding panic usually comes in the form of worrying about lack of time or the risk of forgetting something important, yet for 2020 wedding couples, there’s a whole new panic…the panic of postponement.

Sadly, the Wedding Team at Exeter Golf and Country Club has had to postpone a few weddings this spring and early summer.  With one type of pressure released…in that there’s now plenty of extra time to make sure all the boxes are ticked…another kind of pressure sets in – how to re-schedule, re-organise and re-plan to make sure wedding ‘mark II’ is every bit as good as the original would’ve been.

Luckily our Wedding Coordinators have plenty of experience under their belts, with flexibility and creativity in droves, along with an enviable air of calmness, so the whirlwind of postponing weddings has been more of a breeze than a tornado.

Their top three tips are:
1. Act quick – be decisive and take action
2. Reschedule the date with your venue and main suppliers – then communicate…with everyone
3. List and tick…then repeat

Lastly, bear in mind any fundamental changes you may need to make if you’re changing to a date in a different season…flowers, food, drinks, dress, timings etc. Switching up a Pimms welcome drink to a mulled wine or a peony bouquet to Christmas roses, are all simple changes that will make your wedding feel perfect for the new season.

Keeping an open mind, focusing on what’s important and the reason why you’re getting married in the first place, will help maintain positivity – as after all, love reigns supreme.


How to really enjoy your big day….

Events Manager, Harriet offers some suggestions to bear in mind whether you’re scheduling your wedding or lucky enough to carry on as planned.

After 8 years in the wedding industry and observing all of my brides on their special day, I’ve collected a few tips on how to really make the most out of your wedding day, the hard work and months of planning are done so it’s time to take in this special moment.

Preparation is key, feel confident in your choices and communication with your venue and suppliers beforehand, this will mean that on the day itself you won’t need to stress. I always say if it’s not thought of in the days leading up, then it’s not that important

Designate your Best Man (or woman) to be the point of contact with the Wedding Coordinator on the day. Take them to a meeting beforehand so they can get to know the team, making it easier on the big day. they can take the pressure in rounding up guests for photos, reminding the father of the bride where his speech is, or having a word with anyone getting over excited after one too many! This will help you to just relax and enjoy the day.

Figure out what’s important to you both as a couple. This is where you should devote time, focus and money. It will reflect your personality and who you are as a couple.  Whether it’s making sure your signature dish is on the menu or the wedding favours are are your favourite tipple, these personal touches will stamp your identity and individualism on the special day. They will create little memories to make you smile years down the line.

Set aside some ‘special moments’ through the day, remembering to step back together and enjoy some minutes here and there to soak up the atmosphere, watch your guests having fun and toast yourselves. You’ll be thankful you took time to press pause.

Have you cake – and EAT IT. We often find that couples forget to try their own wedding cake as they’re so busy fluttering around the room talking to guests.  Save a slice for the midnight munchies or that morning sugar rush – tell your Wedding Coordinator so they can prepare this for you. It’s something that’s always forgotten or overlooked and I bet you put so much effort in choosing it!

Dance! I always say to dance with friends, get the DJ to play your tunes, re-live your hen or Saturday nights on the dancefloor. Often the evening is the most relaxed part and this is where the stories you’ll talk about years after are created!

Coming next: we’ll catch up with couples who got married at Exeter Golf and Country Club for their advice, reasons for choosing us, and what they loved or would do differently.

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