Men’s Professional Squash Tournament and Amateur Open Event

Jun 12, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

The Professional Men’s Squash Tournament event is taking place for the fourth year at Exeter Golf and Country Club from 28th – 30th June. An Amateur Open will also take place on the same weekend.

The professional ranking competition has a strong entry with Professional Squash players coming from all over the world to compete at the club. The athletes will be travelling from Pakistan, the USA, Denmark and from all across the UK too.

The top two seeds are Nathan Lake of England and Peter Creed of Wales, both ranked inside the top 60 in the world. However, with the depth of strength of the draw, they should not have an easy run through the event with challenges coming from all the way through the entry list.

Mike Harris, Squash Professional at Exeter Golf and Country Club said, “This competition should provide some fantastic squash but there is also an Amateur Graded Competition running alongside it too. This has attracted 50 players from across the South West, and will also show some great matches over the course of the two days.

Matches start 10am Saturday 29th June and continue through to the main Professional Final at 5pm on Sunday 30th.

Entry is free for all spectators so please feel free to come down and have a watch!

A huge thank you must go to our event sponsors, without who’s contributions none of this could have happened at all:

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Also club members:

Robbie Brown
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