Personal training leads to running success for Ellie

Mar 6, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

Fitness Member, Ellie Phillips has proved that motivation equals success when she completed the Bideford Half Marathon on Sunday after training with Lee Cooke at Exeter Golf and Country Club.

Lee, Fitness Manager and experienced Personal Trainer first met Ellie a year ago when he provided advice about running on the treadmill. Ellie had just joined the gym and after Lee’s advice, decided to give personal training a go, to enlist his help on a regular basis.

Lee’s approach is to push a client to their limits – and then beyond – knowing that they always have that little bit extra to give. This was certainly the case with Ellie, who often surprised both herself, and Lee.

Gym training sessions developed into outside running and soon Ellie asked for a bigger challenge.

Lee said, “From the start,  Ellie had the right attitude for my style of training. If i said ‘jump’, she said ‘how high’. Ellie soon started to see what she was capable of. With a combination or cardio and strength work, the sessions soon became challenging for both of us. Ellie soon found new, higher limits to her capabilities – and importantly her attitude – there’s a lot to be said for not accepting defeat. Ellie soon realised training with me was about seeing how much she could do, rather than thinking that she couldn’t.”

Ellie’s can-do attitude directed by Lee’s motivational and training support, opened up boundaries from both a physical and mental point of view.

After the half marathon, Ellie emailed the General Manager of Exeter Golf and Country Club explaining how Lee’s personal training had ‘changed her life’.

Ellie said, “Lee has been training me for over a year, and with his help and support I have just completed my first half marathon, which I never thought I could do in a million years. Not only has Lee made me fitter than I could have ever imagined, he’s boosted my confidence and mental strength higher than ever before. A year ago I couldn’t even step into a gym without feeling self conscious, or anxious, and now I have nothing but compliments. Lee has changed my life, and he is such an asset to the club.”

Lee continued, “Its all about the attitude…and in Ellie’s case, some very colourful language! Everyone is capable of achieving new goals. Pain in the gym often means you’re working hard but not that it’s time to stop! Once you find that magic balance, you will fly like Ellie! It’s a good pain.”

Discover how personal training can help extend your physical and mental boundaries so you can achieve fitness goals beyond your expectations. Lee’s direct, and military-style approach works for some, but not for everyone, and so there are a team of personal trainers at Exeter Golf and Country Club offering different training styles to motivate every individual.

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