How to spin the ball

Nov 18, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

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We all marvel at how the tour professionals seem to cast a spell over their golf ball as it hits the green and often spins back closer to the flag.

A question we often get asked as a team is ‘how do I spin the ball’?

The answer is that there are quite a few factors to consider if more spin and control is to be achieved.

Clean and sharp grooves on your wedge is one of these keys, any dirt trapped between the club face and the ball will stop the grooves from working correctly causing a loss of spin. A good strike is also imperative to help generate that spin control.

One of the hardest factors to perfect, is keeping the club travelling at speed through the ball. If the speed is maintained then the ball will rip up the grooves on the club and generate more spin. Loss of speed will seriously reduce the chances of maintaining the spin you require.

Playing out of longer grass will make it harder to create spin as there is likely to be grass trapped between the club and ball reducing the contact on the grooves.

Maintaining speed on shorter golf shots in particular is always difficult and requires practice and confidence.

Finally, the type of golf ball is really crucial. A ball with a softer cover and core is more likely to spin more where as a harder cover and core is likely to have less spin.

Watch the video to hear top golf coaching tips from Darren Everett and David Cockayne, explaining how to achieve the perfect spin.

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