World Professional Ranking Squash Tournament

Mar 28, 2017 | Jenni Ashford

On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May, Exeter Golf and Country Club will be hosting a Professional Ranking Squash Tournament. The event will include players from all over the world with entrants so far from countries such as New Zealand, Egypt, Sweden and more.

The standard of play will be very high with some of the competitors currently ranking inside the top 100 in the world, these players will be battling it out over the course of the weekend to secure vital ranking points to further advance up the international ratings. The tournament will also feature a number of local players from Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth looking to get a scalp against the touring pros!

This is the second year that the club has hosted a professional ranking event and it has been able to raise the level of the prize money (therefore drawing higher ranking players) thanks to the sponsorship support of club members and local businesses, who have very generously invested money into the event to help it grow.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Richard May (Maze Property Solutions –

Phil Greenman & Chris Harris Deans (Charles Stanley –

Nick Thompson (Melior Sports Flooring –

Ryan Barrett (Realistic Consertatories –

David Hazzard (Destinet Online Solutions –

Jamie Milne (Milne Friend and Partners –

Steve Cockram (Exeter Student Pads –

Manish Gandhi (Exeter Heart –

Mike Harris, Squash Pro at Exeter Golf and Country Club said, “Without the support of these people we would not be able to run the event so a huge thank you to all of our sponsors. We are really excited to be hosting such a high profile squash tournament and hope to get the support of many of our squash members, and members from across the club on the weekend of the event.”

The event will be open to the public to come and see some high class squash.

For more information as to when the professional games will be scheduled to be played please keep an eye out on Exeter Golf and Country Club’s Twitter and Facebook feed and the club website. We will be publishing regular player biographies of the competitors as we approach the event, and the draw and match schedule for the weekend will be released in April.

A message from the Squash Pro

There is also an Open Graded Squash event running at the same time over the weekend, so if you fancied coming and competing yourself then please feel free to contact Mike Harris at to get involved or if you have any queries! There are players coming from all over the South West to play in that particular event so there will be some great matches all the way through the grades.

We are aiming to continue building this event each year, so all spectator and sponsor support is greatly appreciated.

Find out more about squash at Exeter Golf and Country Club:

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