Strength training for runners

Jul 16, 2019 | Jenni Ashford

Strength training improves running performance for beginners and improvers. Adding in a couple of strength sessions to your running schedules up to three times a week, is the best way to prevent injury and boost your race performance.

Your structural fitness as a runner will increase with runner-specific strength exercises. This means your bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles will cope better with the impact of running. Some heavy resistance exercises will also give you a much-needed boost to sprint finish the end of a race.

This week’s strength class for ‘Team ExeterGCC’ to prep for Exeter’s Great West Run targeted the full body, starting with a warm-up on the Cross Trainer followed by a 500 metre row.


20 MIN strength TRAINING FOR runners

3 reps – 30 seconds of exercise A + 30 seconds of exercise B

A) Kettlebell swing + B) Upright row
A) High knee running + B) Star jumps
A) Thruster squats + B) Shoulder press


AMRAP: 5 minutes
(‘As Many Reps As Possible)

10 x press ups
10 x burpees
10 x squat thrusts
10 x sit ups


30 seconds each exercise

Flutter kicks
Mountain climber
Double leg raise




5 minutes a day – morning or night…you can even squeeze these in whilst watching TV.

Single Leg Squats – 10 on each side
Glute Bridges – 15 x 3
Calf raises – 15 x 3
Side Plank on each side for 30 seconds x 3

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