Nov 9, 2020 | Jenni Ashford

Topsham Golf Academy Powered by Toptracer Range

Golfers – if you haven’t tried Toptracer yet, read on to find out why you should – and why it should become part of your regular range practice to enhance golf performance and enjoyment.

Toptracer was installed at Topsham Golf Academy, Exeter Golf and Country Club in October.

Toptracer is described as the ultimate practice tool, offering amateur golfers access to technology once exclusive to the pros. By taking the guesswork out of practice sessions, it provides data-driven insight into every shot you hit, so you know exactly what you need to work on.

Toptracer also offers challenges and games that you can play on your own or with another golfer for a bit of friendly competition. With a selection of iconic courses – including Pebble Beach without the $500 fee –  playable by all levels of golfer, virtual targets and even a global leaderboard to climb, Toptracer opens up the game of golf for everyone.

Performance enhancing practice

Toptracer provides specific data for every shot you hit from the range bays. Although golfers are used to seeing data from launch monitors in coaching and custom fitting sessions, Toptracer brings the highest level of shot tracer technology, as you would see on televised professional golf tours, to every single bay.

Each of the 8 bays at Topsham Golf Academy has Toptracer technology, featuring a touch screen monitor linked to cameras on the range field.

Every time a ball is hit from a bay, cameras trace its movement and transmit data back to the screen showing full trajectory analysis for distance, height and curvature. This provides instant feedback to the golfer throughout each practice session – invaluable when it comes to practice outside of a coaching session.

If you are unsure on how far you hit each club, the gap test feature provides vital distance data so you can start to understand how far you hit with each of your clubs – definitely something that most golfers need to improve on.

The competitive edge – from a young age

Play ‘Long Ball’ to test distance, Approach Challenge for accuracy of shot, My Club to evaluate your shots over different visits, Warm Up for ball speed, launch angle and distance, Closest To The Pin and Points Game.

As well as these exciting challenges, you can play a selection of 18 hole courses around the world.  Each games re-creates a virtual ‘real’ round. With the excitement of the fairway and the putting green, you can experience each course from the comfort of your bay – whatever the weather.

Golfers of all ages can give it a go, with Toptracer’s Fish game created especially for youngsters. Children from as young as 3 can learn the basic skills of golf via this fishing game concept where each ball hit will result in points depending on which type of fish they catch!

Points mean prizes

Golfers can take part in monthly competitions, playing for prizes and of course, kudos. Some of the games feature a global leaderboard to compare yourself to golfers from across the world.

Professional insight for the amateur

With Toptracer technology, practice has changed for ever, and without doubt for the better with increased fun and feedback.

This is the same system that you will see when you are at home watching Sky Sports and you see the ball flight tracker on screen. The range of functions the system gives you is amazing and will seriously enhance the customer range experience. The list of options you will have access to include:

  • Play on some of the worlds best courses
  • Gap testing
  • Target golf
  • Nearest the pin challenges
  • and much more……

Darren Everett, Director of Golf at Exeter Golf and Country Club said, “TopTracer has enhanced the coaching offering at the Topsham Golf Academy, as players can now also keep a check on some of their key data in their own practice sessions. It’s always been a case before of a player understanding where their faults lie and what data that produces in a golf lesson, as we use our Trackman in their lessons.

“However once they step on the range on their own to practice they have never had that same feedback from the shots they hit. Until now, they have had to rely on just seeing the ball fly which doesn’t always tell the true story. That is a very different experience now though for all golfers as they get access to key data on every single shot they hit.

“For a coach this is priceless, particularly if they use the TopTracer app as it will log the data from a player’s practice session. The coach can then assess how well a player has practiced and offer positive feedback without having been there at the actual practice session. That’s an incredible benefit to player and coach.

“We are not taking a chance with the way people practice, we are giving them instant and accurate feedback which can only help all golfers improve and enjoy the experience whilst doing so.”

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