25p takeaway cup charge donated to #2MinuteBeachClean

Mar 26, 2018 | Jenni Ashford

Devon based non profit organisation, The Beach Network, will receive 25 pence for every takeaway cup purchased at Exeter Golf and Country Club as part of an effort to significantly reduce plastic consumables at the Club. The organisation is responsible for the emerging nationwide campaign #2MinuteBeachClean.

With the UK government set to announce a new deposit scheme on plastic bottles, 2018 seems to be the year where change is beginning to happen. People are beginning to wake up to the catastrophic environmental damage caused by the increasing use of disposable plastics during the past decade.

Exeter Golf and Country Club announced in February that plastic consumables were being phased out around the club. From plastic shoe covers by the pools to plastic cups at water fountains, the Club decided that it was time to make a change.

Up to 1000 takeaway cups a month are used at Exeter Golf and Country Club for coffee and tea at the Members’ Bars. The Club would like to see this significantly reduced as over the course of year, this is a huge amount, and easily avoidable.

Members have been encouraged to bring their own reusable hot drinks cups and water bottles, however to make it more convenient, the Club have produced branded alternatives available to buy from Reception and the bars. The price of the reusable cups and bottles has been kept at a low, affordable rate and the Club provide a free first tea or coffee when a reusable cup is purchased at the Club.

The Beach Network, #2MinuteBeachClean has been chosen as the beneficiary for the 25 pence supplement on takeaway cups following the recommended initiative to donate charges to an environmental charity. With Devon being the only county in England to have two separate coastlines, and much of the disposable plastics ending up in the sea, the organisation is relevant from an environmental point of view, as well as regional.

The #2MinuteBeachClean has been gathering momentum since its launch in 2013. With a surge of new supporters across social media, the growing army of volunteer beach cleaners grows month by month. Although originating in Devon, the movement has spread across the UK. The Beach Network has now teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy, looking to expand their good work from the beaches to the countryside and beyond.

Founder, Martin Dorey who lives in North Devon is due to launch a book about living without plastic. His third book, ‘No. More. Plastic’ is due out in May this year. He is already a successful published author of The Camper Van Cook Books and the TV presenter of BBC Two’s 10 part food and travel series, One Man and His Campervan.

Martin said, “I have to applaud the Club for its decision to charge 25 pence for coffee cups. It’s a brave move but essential if we are to cut down on the amount of plastic going to landfill or onto our beautiful beaches. It will help us to put more beach clean stations on Devon beaches and help people cut down on plastic consumption.

“We are in the early stages of monitoring what is getting picked up when people do their #2minutebeachclean and items like plastic cutlery, coffee cup lids and plastic bottles turn up time and time again. So well done! If only every golf club in the UK had the same policy, we’d soon be on our way to making a BIG difference.”

Exeter Golf and Country Club has received supportive feedback about the move and the Club reports that the transition has been largely seamless thanks to the progressive approach of many members.

Chris Jones, General Manager of Exeter Golf and Country Club said, “We are very excited to be working with The Beach Network and the #2MinuteBeachClean. The importance of supporting these organisations is paramount in securing the environment for the future. The Beach Network particularly demonstrates the importance of the impact we can all make as individuals – which is the reason we have decided to reduce plastic consumables across the Club, in as many ways as we can. We are delighted that most of our members have been so supportive of this move.”

Find out more about The Beach Network and the #2MinuteBeachClean campaign.


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