Man up with a spa treat for two for Valentine’s

Feb 10, 2017 | Jenni Ashford

Fancy a romantic couple’s spa experience for Valentine’s but the man in your life is a little reluctant? Amber, our Spa Manager explains why it’s worth persevering and getting him to man up for the spa.

A Luxurious Spa Experience for Two

I’ve always liked to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Usually a card and dinner-out suffice, but this year I’ve decided do things a bit differently. My partner and I have just moved house and with a baby on the way, we are both in need of some serious time out for deep relaxation.

As Valentine’s Day will be a busy one for us both, I decided to treat him to an early Valentine’s present. I booked us into Wear Park Spa. Having treated so many other couples to indulgent ESPA treatments, I thought it was about time I sampled it myself.

As you can probably imagine, his reaction to this early Valentine’s present was one of panic. And reluctance. Not one to give up easily, I coaxed him round to the idea with the promise we’d be in it together. I booked one of the dual treatment rooms at the spa, which are always so popular with couples, mums and daughters, hen parties or friends.

I booked the ESPA Luxuriously Yours Face and Body Treatment so he could experience both a facial and a massage. It’s my favourite treatment to give as it provides ultimate relaxation with visible improvements to the skin.  With an ESPA bespoke facial and a back, neck and scalp massage, it is 90 minutes of pure bliss,  for me, my partner’s expectations however, were quite different.

Spas are often seen as women-only zones, full of pampering and beautifying. However, that’s a out-dated view and one we try to overcome in the spa. Luckily ESPA have some fantastic treatments designed just for men and we have lots of regular clients who pop in to keep aches and pains at bay, give their skin a boost from all that shaving and even sometimes have their nails tied up…putting the MAN in manicure.

Once my partner understood that he wasn’t the only man to ever step foot into the spa, he felt more as ease. When we arrived for our treatment, we took a seat in the relaxation room to fill out consultation forms, sip on a herbal tea (builder’s tea also permitted!) and flick through a magazine or two.

Our therapists, Kerry and Ashleah collected us after no time at all, and we made our way into the dual treatment room at the rear of the spa – it’s our newest development along with a new shower room and refurbished toilet. With views across to the 18th hole of the golf course and it’s gorgeous water feature, the room itself is stunning. The therapists closed the shutters and left us to undress and climb into the huge, spa couches.

My partner was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the spa couches are. Ours are bigger than the normal and are heated – all our clients love them.

Lying face up on the couch, we were ready for our sensory test to find out which oil suited our needs and skin types.  Surprised at the choice, he simply chose the one which smelled best to him. After the hot foot cleanse we start all our massage and facial treatments, we were both beginning to relax into the experience.

I knew my partner was relaxing into it as just 20 minutes into the treatment, I heard a feint hint of snoring (not that he would want me to tell you that!).This brought a smile to my face as I knew he now understood why people love the spa so much.

90 minutes later with our facials and massages complete, we were walking on air, with knot-free shoulders and glowing skin. I turn to look across at my boyfriend and asked if he enjoyed it. His smile said it all.

“Amazing – why have we not done this sooner?”

So…if you fancy a change this Valentine’s Day and want a gift that is a little bit different and offers something you can thoroughly enjoy together, treat yourself and your loved one to a spa experience for two.

Get in touch to book treatments of your choice or take up our special Valentine’s offer of a Luxurious Spa Retreat with a two course lunch in our restaurant, a glass of Prosecco and a 55 minute treatment in our dual room for £130.00.

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