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We know there are a lot more important things to think at the moment, but while you’re got extra time on your hands, make the most of lockdown by stepping up your skincare and beauty regime with some top tips from the Spa Therapist team at Wear Park Spa.

There are some things you can do at home to keep everything tidy, trim and make you feel good.

The team will be sharing their ideas for tinting and tidying brows, home facials, getting silky soft skin and achieving salon results from your at-home manicure!



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Whatever the season or weather and whatever your age or skin type, facial oils can be the difference between ‘okay’ skin and ‘oh wow’ skin.

Wear Park Spa Manager, Amber, (in between playing with her daughter at home!) explains how to CHOOSE and USE facials oils to invigorate your skin for maximum radiance and glow.

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Wear Park Spa Manager, Amber explains how to tint your eyebrows at home using a kit from a chemist or supermarket. Whilst it may not last as long as the salon treatment, it is a good way to keep your eyebrows looking ship shape until we re-open.


A word of warning, from Amber, Spa Manager:
“Leave your eyebrows alone!”

Here she explains why it’s so important to rise above the temptation of the tweezers and let nature take it’s course…within reason.

“One of my favourite songs is Baz Lurman, ‘Wear Sunscreen’. The most poignant lines, which need to ring in our ears while we’re kept distant from our favourite ‘brow stylists’, are these:

“Never mess too much with your hair,
Or by the time you’re 40, it will look 85.”

and for me this applies to your eyebrows!

My ultimate eyebrow advice is to simply leave your eyebrows alone during this period of time – if you can.  I know that is easier said than done. If temptation gets the better of you, and you’re brows are overbearing, you must proceed with caution!

Do not alter the shape of your eyebrows.

Only remove stray hairs from underneath the brow or between the brows, using a good pair of tweezer.

Go gently. This is not the time for a restyle – we’re talking strategic extraction – NOT haphazard plucking.

The reason why I am passionate about ‘less is more’ when dealing with your own eyebrows , is that I learnt the hard way.  The fact I am sharing these photos with you, demonstrates my love for our clients – and how much I am looking forward to getting to work on those brows in the coming weeks ahead to save you from repeating my mistakes!

15 years old with two lines for eyebrows. It took years to get them back on track!

Remember – just stick to the the strays! Your eyebrows frame you face so don’t mess with them…we don’t this kind of ‘raised eyebrow’!

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Here’s the first video from Amber, Wear Park Spa Manager, explaining how to get a salon finish when you paint your own nails at home.

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